Solid State Drives (SSDs) offer vastly improved performance over a standard hard drive, and if you have gone to the expense of investing in one, it makes sense to ensure that it is well looked after. This is precisely what Samsung SSD Magician Tool enables you to do, making it possible to optimise and maintain your drive with ease.

This free program can used to manage any SSD that is connected to a SATA controller and once the application is launched it will initial scan your system before providing an overview of the hardware and software environment.

Samsung SSD Magician Tool can be used to benchmark your drive so you can not only see how it compares to other drives, but also see what difference drive optimisation makes. To save you from having to remember to optimise your drive manually, the process can be automated.

The tool can also be used to create a bootable USB drive that can then be used to update the firmware of your drive. This is an important step to take as it ensures the ongoing smooth operation of your drive.

What's new in v4.9.7?

- Latest version of Magician software is recommended for optimal performance.
- New model support: 850 PRO 2TB, 850 EVO 2TB
- Advanced Performance Optimization support for 840 EVO mSATA; New firmware is required to use
- Advanced Performance Optimization
- Minor bug fixes

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This free tool provides genuinely useful maintenance assistance for Samsung SSDs.