EventSentry Light is a powerful tool that can monitor your Windows event logs (and system health), alerting you to any problems.

If you're a Windows expert and want to be warned if a particular event type occurs, for instance, then you can have the program display a message or send you an email.

A Software Monitoring option allows the program to log when software is installed, or uninstalled (useful if your PC has several users and you'd like to track what they're doing). And it can also record programs that have configured themselves to load when Windows launches.

A Disk Space monitor is able to alert you when the free space on a drive gets too low (you get to decide what figure that might be). Or it can check a particular folder, alerting you when its size exceeds or falls below a particular limit.

And the Performance Monitoring module can track your PCs CPU or memory usage, again logging the details if something's hogging all your resources.

If you need even more power then opting for the commercial edition will get you the ability to manage more than 2 remote computers, with web-based reporting and iPhone/ Android apps. Command line tools support automation, there are full software and hardware inventories, and if you have any problems then you can call on phone, email and even "getting started" support. Prices start at $85 per host, and the EventSentry site will tell you more.

Version (changelog).


- Agent: Fixed bug where $STR variables would not be resolved correctly for HTTP actions
- Agent: Fixed bug which would cause configuration updates to not work or block monitoring
- Agent: Stability improvements
- Agent: Fixed issue which could trigger event id 12000 (new software installed) for software that is already installed
- Agent: Fixed issue where uninstalling 64-bit agent from command line does not work with /collectorclient option is used
- Agent: Increased internal GUID cache size to prevent unnecessary LDAP query on busy domain controllers
- Network Services: Fixed issue where byte count would be zero for ASA/IPFix protocol
- Network Services: Improved throughput and efficiency
- Management Console: Fixed issue where console would always prompt to save when exiting
- Management Console: Fixed issue where removing a threshold from a filter would not persist
- Heartbeat Agent: Fixed issue where uptime report would indicate a reboot of a SNMP-based device even though that device had not been rebooted

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It can be a little complex, but master the basics and you'll find EventSentry Light is a handy way to track exactly what's happening on your PC