Most computer hardware is highly sensitive to temperature and this is certainly true of processors. Monitoring the temperature of your processor can reveal the cause of stability problems and this is precisely what Core Temp enables you to do.

As the name would suggest, the program does not just report the overall temperature of your processor, but individual temperatures for each of the cores. Core Temp also shows the load of each core so you can see how temperature changes with load.

The program can be used to record temperature changes over time and temperatures are displayed in the main program window as well as in the system tray. With support for both Intel and AMD processor, Core Temp provides an easy way to monitor your processor.

There are a number of add-ons available for Core Temp that can be used to add new features and options to the program. Add-ons include a sidebar gadget and graphing tool that can be used to make it easier to keep a constant eye on temperature changes.

What's new in 1.5.0 (see the full changelog)?

 New: Support for Intel Kaby Lake, Apollo Lake and Avoton processors.

- Fix: Incorrect multiplier on 45nm and early 32nm Core series processors.
- Fix: Sometimes power consumption doesn't work on supported processors.
- Fix: In cases where both IA and GT power figures are N/A, Uncore displays the same value as Package.
- Fix: Incorrect VID on Intel processors.
- Fix: Inaccurate TjMax on Silvermont based (22nm Atom) processors.
- Fix: Incorrect VID on AMD Trinity and newer processors.
- Fix: Corrected Lynnfield recognition of i5 760, i7 870S.
- Fix: Crystal Well and Haswell-ULT code names added for the Haswell generation.
- Fix: VIA Eden X4 was incorrectly named VIA QuadCore.

- Update: G15 applet will be named 'Core Temp' from now on, without the version number.

- Known issues: Some systems running Windows 10 Anniversary may still have driver load failure.

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A handy utility that reveal everything you could want to know about your processor including the temperature of each of its cores.