Calendarscope is a powerful scheduling tool that provides everything you need to track all the most important events in your life.

Just as with any scheduler, you can set single or recurring events or tasks, and have the program remind you of them so you'll never forget a major anniversary again.

You're able to colour-code item types, too, so it's easy to spot at a glance whether something relates to family, friends, work, and so on. And a good range of views - daily, weekly, monthly, yearly - allows you to get a detailed look at how your schedule is looking over time.

Calendarscope is able to synchronise your schedule with Google Calendar, so others can easily view your plans. Or you can synchronise the data with many mobile devices, allowing you to carry the details around with you.

And if you don't have a suitable mobile device, that's not a problem. Calendarscope can also print your calendar, so you can take a copy with you, or you can save it to HTML and post the details on your own website.

Calendarscope 8.0.2 (see changelog for more info):

- Added color themes (Options | Appearance)
- Updated user interface
- Updated calendar views
- Updated table views
- Updated print styles
- Added the Change background color option (Options | Appearance)
- Added the Change menu colors option (Options | Appearance)
- Added the All-day item alignment option (Options | Advanced | Calendar Views)
- Added the Use standard selection option (Options | Advanced | List Views)
- Added the Use item type colors option (Options | Advanced | List Views)
- Added the Open Backup Folder Location menu item (Backup Options)
- Added the View Log button (Archive dialog box)
- Improved iCalendar support
- Improved Windows 10 support
- Improved printing options
- Fixed minor bugs

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A colourful and effective scheduling tool