7+ Taskbar Tweaker is an interesting tool which allows you to customise the Windows 7 (and now Windows 8/ 8.1) taskbar in a variety of ways.

If you don't like the way Windows 7 groups items on the taskbar, for instance, then you can turn this off, either for everything or just pinned items.

Left-click a grouped item and you'll normally see a thumbnail preview of that application's open windows. But 7 Taskbar Tweaker can change this so that you'll cycle through those open windows, instead.

Other options allow you to change the middle-click action (you can create a new program instance, set focus to that application, minimise or close it), or replace jump lists with the standard window menu (Restore, Move, Size, Minimise and so on).

You're able to create useful new shortcuts in just a click or two. So by double-clicking or middle-clicking on empty taskbar space, say, you're able to show the desktop, display the Ctrl+Alt+Tab screen, launch Task Manager, turn your speakers on and off, and more.

And the mouse wheel functions are probably worth the download all on their own. You're able to control your system volume, minimise or restore windows, cycle between taskbar buttons and more, just by spinning the wheel in the appropriate place.

v5.0 brings these changes:

- Windows 10 support.
- Fixed compatibility with the KB3072318 update for Windows 8.1.
- Improved compatibility of pinned items with the option to disable grouping.
- Added the disable_tray_icons_drag advanced option, which disables the drag operation of notification area items, i.e. makes reordering of items impossible.
- Added the w10_large_icons advanced option, which changes taskbar icon sizes from 24x24 to 32x32 on Windows 10.
- Added the cycle_same_virtual_desktop advanced option, which tweaks the Left click on combined item option to cycle only through windows that belong to the current virtual desktop.
- Added a new option for the disable_taskbar_transparency advanced option, which allows to use the basic theme taskbar color (Windows 7).
- Added Mouse Button Control options to maximize/restore a taskbar item, and to maximize/restore all buttons of a group.
- Improved the no_width_limit advanced option to work for multiple monitors.
- Fixed the disable_items_drag advanced option, which caused the thumbnail previews to not appear.
- Fixed: when the disable_topmost advanced option was on, the start button could get stuck in hovered state on Windows 7.
- A custom icon ("7+ Taskbar Tweaker.ico", if exists) is now applied for the main window as well.

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7 Taskbar Tweaker is an excellent tool which includes a host of essential time-saving tweaks