It’s no surprise that the malware and phishing industries are eyeing up smartphones – after all, while we go to great lengths to protect our computers from harm, we rarely given a second thought to all that personal data stored insecurely on our mobile devices.

ESET Mobile Security for Android aims to provide all the protection you could possibly need, with built-in anti-virus, anti-spam (SMS/MMS), call intercept and anti-theft protection. Much of it is self-explanatory, but it allows you to block SMS/MMS messages from unknown sources, while call intercept makes it possible to block calls in both directions, making it useful as a parental control tool. Anti-theft technologies include the ability to both block and remotely wipe your phone’s content should it get stolen, while ESET can also be configured to detect untrusted SIM cards.

There’s also a built-in security audit with Task Manager function, which allows you to check to see how vulnerable your phone is by monitoring its visibility as well as key elements such as battery life and free storage space. The application wastes no time either – once installed, restart your phone or tablet, and it’ll spring to life, immediately alerting you to various things you need to do in order to secure your device: define your SIM card as trusted, for example, plus set up a device password.

It all adds up to a pretty comprehensive solution.

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There are still bugs to iron out – particularly in the anti-spam component – but early signs for this security product are promising.