The clipboard is a fantastic invention, making it possible to copy just about anything from one location to another, whether that’s a file on your hard drive or a selected portion of text or an image. The problem is, it can only handle a single item at any one time, and has enjoyed zero development since its introduction all those decades ago.

Into the breach steps Ditto. This simple clipboard replacement tool allows you to store multiple (up to 500 by default) clipboard items by utilising a database to store them in. When you come to paste an item, you can either use the Windows clipboard as normal for the last item, or access Ditto’s database via its Notification area icon or by pressing [Ctrl] + [‘].

This throws up a pop-up window showing the last 10 items plus a Search box. Older items can be accessed via Search or by scrolling through the list manually, while the first ten items can be activated by pressing the relevant number. You can even configure keyboard shortcuts to paste any of the first ten items without resorting to Ditto’s pop-up Quick Paste window.

Ditto also allows you to create new text clipboard entries from scratch, or import clips from previously saved Ditto databases or backups. You can organise clips into folders (or groups), perfect should you want to build a collection of regularly accessed clips.

Much of this functionality is available in other clipboard management tools, but Ditto has one unique trick up its sleeve: the ability to work across networked PCs. Once set up, a single database can be kept in sync across all your computers, making Ditto useful if you regularly switch between desktop or laptop.

Version 3.21.50 (see changelog for info):

  • Up/down keys move description up down just as n and p do
  • Use ever incrementing value for drag file names, this way they are always unique
  • Add the ability to drag and drop clips to desktop or file explorer and it will auto create the files, text and png files
  • Don't change working directories when show open/save windows dialog
  • Updated to the latest sqlite, version 3.11.0
  • Add new special paste options - remvoe line feeds - add one or two line feeds - typoglycemia Reorganized menu to move non clip specific commands to a system menu at bottom of the window
  • Added options to paste, upper, lower, captilize, sentance cases
  • Display warning when always on top is set (this is the number one complaint, how to turn this off when they don't know they set it)
  • Use standard formatting for date time in stats window in options
  • Handle Altgr being presses on foreign keyboards to handle other characters
  • Use the receiving ip address from the client not the ip address they send you
  • Default image export to png
  • Fixed issue with auto send to friends, after 30 seconds the first send would not be sent
  • Handle screen resolution changes better
  • Move ditto's main window when screen resolution changes
  • Save window sizes per screen resolution
  • Added option to save bitmaps to .bmp, .png, jpeg
  • Handle repeated keys on up/down and next/prev description
  • Handle Home button to go to first row
  • Increase the window that we show the resize icon in the corners
  • Added new menu option to filter on selected clip

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Powerful and effective clipboard manager – the network sync feature gives it a unique twist on rival products.