Basic task management is available in the iPhone and iPad operating system as standard, but if you want to have greater control over your tasks, you're going to need to turn to a dedicated tool. Toodledo - To Do List is a fully feature task management tool which can be used to keep on top of your tasks via your mobile device, but can also synchronise with the Toodledo web site for extra flexibility.

The app can be used in a variety of ways, and there is support for a number of different todo list styles, including the ever-popular Get Things Do method. The beauty of the app is that your to do list can be little more than a tick list, but it can also be made more detailed for complex projects.

Tasks can be organised in folders, assigned priorities and flagged or tagged with keywords. Push notifications can be used to send out reminders, and regular tasks can be configured to run on a schedule.

The option to add notes to your list means that Toodledo can be put to other uses as well, and a variety of searching, sorting and filtering options make it easy to home in on particular tasks. Make to switch to Toodledo is easy as there are a number of task list import tools available help ease the transition.

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One of the most complete to do list managers available. Toodledo not only benefits from its rich set of features, but also the flexibility and customisation it offers.