iA Writer was designed to provide the best digital writing experience: It lets you keep your hands on the keyboard and your mind in the text.

# Swipe Right to Library
With a swipe to the right you have easy access to all your texts in one place.

# Swipe Left to Preview
With an all new synchronized scrolling Preview, iA Writer consciously separates form and content. It optimizes plain text writing while offering stellar formatted export—with world class typography.

# Customizable Keyboard Bar
Tap and hold keyboard bar keys for an extra level of options. Continue holding to rearrange your keys, and tap to bring in new ones.

# Focus Mode and Syntax Control
iA Writer is famous for offering a deeper focus on your text. Its unique tools improve your writing style by honing your concentration: One sentence at a time, or by highlighting different parts of speech.

# All Your Documents on All Your Devices
With seamless Dropbox and iCloud Sync, iA Writer keeps your documents safe and at hand on whatever device you are using when inspiration strikes.

# Features
- Configurable Keyboard Bar
- Convert formatting to Microsoft® Word .docx, and back again
- Also export formatting to HTML and beautifully styled PDF
- Synchronized scrolling Markdown Preview
- Beautiful Preview templates with curated fonts
- Real-time iCloud and Dropbox sync
- Focus Mode fades all but the current sentence, for maximum concentration
- Full-text search for iCloud documents
- In-document Find and Replace
- Auto Markdown formats text on-screen
- Night Mode
- Reading Time; plus sentence, word, and character count
- Customized for Retina displays
- Handoff support

What's New in Version 4.0

# Embed Local Images
- Include images from iCloud Library in your documents (.png, .gif, .jpg)
- Add images from the camera roll or take a photo directly
- Images are uploaded to Medium and WordPress when sharing a draft

# Embed Tables
- Include comma separated value files as tables in your documents (.csv)
- Create advanced tables using MultiMarkdown

# Embed Text Files
- Build a manuscript from several chapters in separate files
- Embedded source code files are added as code blocks
- Nest text files into each other

Note: Embedding only works for files in the same folder (or subfolders) as the master file. You can’t embed files in a parallel or higher directory.

# Other Improvements
- New button in keyboard bar to quickly embed images, tables and text files
- Added Project Archive export for sharing all embedded files together (.zip)
- UI improvements to Library
- Added file info popover in Library
- Changed Chinese font in editor to Ping Fang
- Performance optimizations and improvements

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A simple app that will be welcomed by serious writers - and the price makes it almost irresistible.