Accessing and editing documents on your smartphone or tablet can be tricky. While office apps have embraced the cloud with a vengeance – Google Docs, Zoho Docs and Office 365 to name just three – accessing them through your mobile device can be more trouble than it’s worth, plus your documents must be stored in the cloud in the first place in order for you to gain access.

Even where a smartphone app is available – in the case of Google Docs for Android – the functionality is often incredibly basic. This is where Documents to Go comes in. It provides a neat and simple interface for viewing a wide range of documents, including Microsoft Word/Excel/PowerPoint and Adobe PDF, on the go. Combine this with an online backup and sync application, such as Wuala, and you’re able to access your documents on the road without having to convert them or upload them first.

The free version is limited to viewing files already on your portable device. Purchase a registration key for $15 (normally $30), however, and you unlock a wealth of useful features.

On the viewing side, the full version allows you to access password-protected Word and Excel documents. You can also log on to your Google Docs account through Documents to Go, allowing you to access documents stored in the cloud. You can also use a USB connection to transfer documents from your computer, edit them on your device and automatically sync the changes back to the file on your computer.

More critically, however, the full Documents to Go app also allows you to edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents too. Unlike the basic editing facilities offered by Google Docs, Documents to Go features a rich set of formatting and editing controls, particularly when it comes to word processing documents. Just hit the menu button to access a pop-up menu with all the options you need.

It’s worth mentioning that editing documents in Documents to Go is not as user-friendly an experience as editing them on your netbook, laptop or desktop computer, but if you need a tool that allows you to edit documents on your phone or tablet, it’s by far the best tool for the job.

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An utterly essential tool for viewing and editing documents on the go; just don’t expect the same level of finesse as your desktop office application.