Even if you do not subscribe to a satellite or cable television service, Freeview offers a large number of channels to choose from and it is all too easy to miss out on a programme you might like. Despite the name, the Freeview HD TV Guide app provides TV listings for regular as well as hi-def Freeview channels. By default, all available channels from your selected service will be displayed, but you can opt to block out any you are not interested in.

The simple Now & Next screen provides at-a-glance information about upcoming programmes, and more information can be accessed by pressing a programme title. All of this works well, but the app has plenty more to offer. Channels can be reorganised, so the ones you watch most frequently appear at the top of listings, while others appear further down the list.

You can also choose to view only listing information for the ten most popular channels and region information can be customised to ensure that local programming is displayed. But one of the most interesting features comes in the form of the search facility. At its most basic this can be used to find out when the next episode of a particular programme is going to be broadcast, but additional options are available.

Genre filtering can be used to track down up-coming programmes of a particular type - such as children's programmes or documentaries. An integrated Twitter feed displays suggestions from other viewers and you may well find out about something you would otherwise have missed.

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There is no shortage of TV listing apps for the iPhone, but this offering benefits not only from its array of extra features but also the fact that it is fast and free.