Tetris is a game that has longstanding connections with handheld devices, so it should come as no surprise that there is an iPhone version of this classic game available. Fans of the game will not be disappointed, and there's hours to be spent working through Marathon Mode.

But there is also more to try out, and the iPhone version of the game takes advantage of the device's touch screen. In Marathon Mode touch screen controls are used to manipulate the falling shapes, while in Magic Mode new tools such as the Magic Crayon and Wrecking Ball provide new ways of interacting with the app.

The iPhone's lack of standard control buttons means that the game can be a little tricky to control to start with, but the addictive gameplay soon takes over and you're left with a fantastically entertaining game to kill a few minutes - or hours - here and there.

During games you have the option of listening to in-game music or controlling your own music collection in iTunes so you can listen to your favourite tracks whilst playing.

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Tetris is the perfect small screen game and the iPhone edition is a wonderful fresh take on this classic title.