Designing a website isn’t easy. We often hear people tell us that they want to design their own website and, months later, it’s still not online. If you calculate the amount of man hours you’ve invested trying to learn how to design the site, it would have been far more cost effective paying a professional web designer who could have a simple site up and running in under two weeks.

The alternative is to cheat. We say ‘cheat’, but the results are fantastic. RapidWeaver, which is a web design tool for the Mac, has been around for a while now but has been polished to produce end results that can beat some of the designs produced by so-called professionals. It works as follows - launch the application, choose from one of the many pre-designed templates, enter the information you require for your site, publish to your server. Result? Professional web site in a few hours.

If you want to take your website further, you could purchase one of the many RapidWeaver templates available on the Internet. These were developed by professional web design teams to enable users to produce a low-cost well-designed homepage. Bear in mind that there’s only so much customisation you can do yourself, however. Nothing beats a custom website designer to your requirements, of course. RapidWeaver is ideal to design a decent blog, simple company website or homepage.

RapidWeaver is boosted by a number of third-party add-ons and enhancements created by various programmers. There are even add-ons that enable you to add e-commerce support to the application, so you can sell products on your website. Indeed, if you know how to program, you can do this yourself, through RapidWeaver. If you can’t design, but know how to program code, RapidWeaver may be your solution to produce a superb website. Indeed, some amateur web design teams use RapidWeaver to quickly produce and maintain sites for their paying customers. It’s that good.

RapidWeaver 6 is a huge upgrade, with these core new features:

- Five Stunning New Themes. Adds five beautiful themes.
Addons Manager. Organize your addons and ensure you always have your favourites to hand.
- Full 
64-bit support.
Supercharged Publishing. We’ve completely re-written RapidWeaver’s publishing engine.
- Markdown. Just start writing, focusing on the reason people visit your site: content.
Versions & Autosave. RapidWeaver allows you to browse versions of your projects.
- Site-wide Code. Add HTML, CSS, Javascript and more to every page on your site in just two clicks.
Full-Screen. The single-window design helps you focus on your website with everything in one place.
Responsive Preview. The 5 stunning new themes in RapidWeaver are all design responsive.
- Master Styles. Create a layout that all your pages follow, and that can be updated site-wide.

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Superb application that enables you to design, create, build and then publish your own website