With built in sound recording available in iOS by default, you may well be wondering why there would be a need for another app that does just that. Pocket RecordPad is one such app and it has a number of tricks up its sleeve to justify the price tag - or at least the price tag could be justified if the app wasn't free.

Pocket RecordPasd enables you to record at a range of sound qualities from 6000 to 441000Hz, and you can choose between using AIFF and WAV audio formats. If the app is being used to record interviews, the voice activation feature can be used to ensure that recordings are as small as possible by only recording when sound is being made.

Unlike the audio recording tool that is built into iOS, Pocket RecordPad provides you with the option of renaming files to help make them easier to identify - no more having to work out what a particular file is by checking when the recording was made.

But one of the most useful feature of the app is the ability is the way in which recordings can be shared. The first option, somewhat unsurprisingly, is to simply attach recordings to an email and send them off to contacts. The more interesting and flexible option is to upload files to an FTP server - this can be achieved from within the app without having to use a third party tool.

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A simple yet immensely flexible tool that can be used to record notes, interviews, music and much more.