The iPhone's camera has been the victim of a great deal of criticism, from complaints about the lack of flash to the relatively low resolution of photos. The built in camera app is fine for basic shots, but option are a little limited. As Gorillacam to the equation and the camera suddenly becomes far more useful. Simple touches such as the option to add an grid to the screen make it much easier to line up shots and the ability to take a photo by pressing anywhere on the screen rather than a small button makes this much easier.

Gorillacam also adds a number of other features which mimic those found in dedicated digital cameras. Time lapse mode can be used to take a series of pictures over an period of time - from a few seconds to several minutes - and photos can be taken far more quickly than when manually pressing the shutter button. The app also brings self-timer feature to the camera as well as a burst mode which can be used to ensure that you never miss the action when taking photographs of fast moving objects.

Another useful feature is the bubble level which helps to ensure that your iPhone is level before taking photos - just be sure to calibrate it correctly before relying on it. These are all very handy features and the fact that Gorillacam is availale free of charge means that there is simply no reason not to try it out.

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Gorillacam adds feature to the iPhone's camera which really should have been included as standard.