DivX 10 is a collection of tools to help you play, convert and stream video files.

Specifically, during installation you're able to install four components: the DivX Codec Pack, DivX Converter, DivX Player and DivX Web Player. (The installer will by default install the Google Toolbar, too, but no attempt is made to hide this, so if you pay attention and clear the relevant checkbox it won't happen.)

As previously, the heart of the package is the DivX Player, a stylish and featured-packed tool which delivers high quality playback of DivX, AVI, MKV, MP4 and MOV files.

And this release sees the player extended with a media server, which allows you to stream contents in your selected videos to any DLNA-compatible device.

Elsewhere, the Converter makes it very easy to convert even high definition content to DivX format. It's based around a new transcoding engine which supports hardware acceleration via Intel Quick Sync Video, which DivX says can deliver anything up to a 10x speed increase over the previous technology.

The Converter can now also convert your videos into iPhone or iPad-friendly MP4's (just choose the appropriate profile from the list).

And if you've become a little tired of DivX in the past due to their habit of charging for just about everything they could, the company are eager to point out that this time, just about everything is free. The conversion engine, DLNA streaming, iPhone/ iPad output, it's all free; so far it looks like only the Converter's MPEG-2 plugin will cost money (and even then, only when it appears in the final release).

What's new in DivX 10.7.0 (see full changelog for more)?

DivX Software Version History


Converter 10.7.0
Player 10.7.0
Web Player 3.7.0
DivX To Go 10.7.0
Media Server 10.7.0
DivX Installer System 3.7.0
DivX Control Panel 3.7.0

What's New:

Cloud Connect enables access to your Dropbox and Google Drive videos directly from DivX software
Cast to Roku devices now from DivX Media Server
Internal subtitles are transcoded when streaming and casting from DivX Media Server
Added ability to change friendly name in DivX Media Server
Added HDMI passthrough for Dolby audio in DivX Player


Fixed issue with stitching videos together in Converter
Various other bug fixes

Known Issues:

DivX Player displays "Copy" when drag-drop files for playback on Windows
DivX Web Player doesn't work in Chrome/Chromium and Opera Web browsers due to NPAPI API removal.
For Mac OS X versions prior to 10.7 (Mac OS X Lion), contact our support team for assistance  

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There are more versatile players and video conversion tools around, but if you're particularly interested in DivX content then the latest release does greatly improved performance and some useful new features