The general consensus on the Motorola Droid is that while it's a very strong device, it still doesn't match the iPhone.

Oh sure, the Droid has a nifty open source operating system and processing power on par with the iPhone 3GS, but it doesn't have the remarkable ease of use that has made the iPhone the most popular smartphone in the consumer market. All that said, however, users have found a lot to like in the Droid and have declared it a solid alternative for smartphone fans who don't want to subscribe to AT&T.

In no particular order, here are four reasons to buy -- as well as one to avoid -- the Motorola Droid.

1: It's the strongest device yet on the Verizon network

When the BlackBerry Storm came out last year, it was seen as a premiere device capable of knocking the iPhone off its perch. However, poor user experience with the phone's clickable touchscreen interface has led to a backlash and left Verizon without a showcase device. The Droid should fix that, as it is the strongest overall smartphone to debut on the Verizon network.

While it won't kill the iPhone anytime soon, the Droid will provide Verizon users with a good mobile browsing experience to go along with what is widely considered the best voice service and largest 3G data coverage in the United States.

2: Google Android's tremendous potential

Google has long said that the goal of its Android platform has been to spur innovation within the mobile development community and also to give users the ability to switch to new carriers without switching their mobile devices.

While the initial Android offerings such as the HTC Hero and the Samsung Moment have garnered a fair amount of press, the Droid will be the first device that will give us a hint of Android's potential, as developers will be much more likely to develop applications for the platform if they know they can have potential access to Verizon's 85 million-plus wireless subscribers.

While Android phones still have a long way to go to match the enormous variety of applications offered on the Apple App Store, having a top-notch phone such as the Droid will go a long way.