Datacentre IT suppliers can no longer confine their focus to inside a datacentre's walls. The only way to maximise power efficiency in datacentres is to integrate the walls, the power and cooling infrastructure, and the IT kit in its racks into a unified whole. If you don't do that you will be in a hole, with more spent of power than you need to.

In a nutshell that is HP's power-efficient datacentre strategy. It has come around to the view that only with this three-way involvement can the most power-efficient datacentres be built which, a) save customers money and, b) release less greenhouse gases into the atmosphere through their electricity use.

So the company has bought a datacentre design consultancy to give it the expertise in designing and equipping datacentre buildings and the associated power and cooling infrastructure. It has also announced zoned power supply products to compete with APC and others.

EYP purchase

HP has signed a definitive agreement to acquire EYP Mission Critical Facilities (EYP), a consulting company specialising in strategic technology planning, design and operations support for large-scale datacentres. The financial terms were not disclosed.

EYP has approximately 350 employees with 13 offices in the US and UK. The firm provides mission-critical services to enterprises around the world in business sectors including financial services, telecommunications, technology, broadcast, manufacturing and healthcare, as well as numerous federal, state and county government agencies.

It has designed hundreds of technology-intensive, high-performance facilities where monitoring, operational and energy efficiencies are top priority business requirements. EYP’s capabilities, particularly its expertise in energy-efficient operations, complement HP’s datacentre services and cost-saving power and cooling products, such as Dynamic Smart Cooling (DSC).

Jerome Riboulon, HP's EMEA sales manager for power and cooling and DSC, said: "EYP was our premier partner inside our datacentre solutions programme. It is the leading firm in datacentre design and consulting and is involved in 30 percent of HP's US datacentre projects. It has expertise in datacentre design which HP does not have."

"HP has expertise inside the datacentre walls. Now it extends out to include the walls, the physical, electrical and cooling infrastructures," around the IT contents of a datacentre.

"We are the only IT supplier to have this capability." Riboulon is of the opinion that competing suppliers to HP for datacentre business will have to obtain an equivalent capability.

The EYP transaction is subject to certain closing conditions and is expected to be completed within HP’s first fiscal quarter.