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Glenn Shoosmith

After graduating in 1997 with a degree in computer science I spent 10 years working in a wide variety of industries, as a developer, consultant, team and project manager, including the pharmaceutical, television and financial industries. Eventually I decided to step out and create my own company, and in 2008 started to work on BookingBug I founded BookingBug with the not-so-simple objective of building a platform through which time could be treated as if it were a stock innovatory item. BookingBug is on it's way to achieving that goal, and although we started with small business clients, we quickly grew to supplying technology to global retails brands.

  • Is technology really taking over?

    Whether you think it will make us redundant or empower us to become super-humans, here is a closer look at the relationship between man, machine and the technology takeover.

  • Big Disruption: Making size matter

    When we talk about disruption, especially with technology, we’re often talking about the ability of small companies to usurp the big guys. Disruptive technology can create entirely new markets and value networks, often displacing existing technology in the process.

  • Serving to snoop or snooping to serve?

    If you read my first article on retail participation you’ll know that I’m kicking things off with an outline of the three trends I believe will have the biggest impact on retail through 2015. Today, we’re dealing with a familiar struggle for many in the tech space: personalisation.

  • The next retail tech trend: participation

    What’s the best way to kick off a regular guest column for a popular technology website? In thinking about that question, it’s really a matter of how to introduce yourself. So, for my first few posts, I wanted to talk about three key observations regarding retail technology that I think will crop up again and again in my writing here. If you like those and you have an interest in omnichannel retail and customer engagement, you should probably subscribe and settle in for the long haul ? if not, this might not be the blog series for you. Either way, all feedback, questions or responses will be read and much appreciated.