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  • John E Dunn

    Brexit Britain: how the EU ETIAS visa system could fuel UK cyberscams

    The US ESTA system is a warning for EU policy makers

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  • Jeremy Green


    Jeremy Green

    Writing on Connected Vehicles, other Connected Things, and the opportunities and challenges created by the data that they produce.

    The smart bicycle light meets the smart city

    See.Sense's real innovation is that it includes the contextual awareness of smartphones, making it a connected bike light that can be bright where and when it needs to be, and save its battery when it doesn't.

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  • Hannah Blake

    A foot in both camps

    Hannah Blake

    MEC, the fifth largest media agency in the world, aims to innovate on behalf of its portfolio companies. This blog examines the benefits and the pains of innovating in the global advertising space.

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    Why I’m going to stop using the word startup

    *Warning* For effect, this article uses the word startup 11 times.

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  • Dan Hartveld

    Talking Shop

    Dan Hartveld

    I am a CTO and retail technology specialist with 10 years of industry experience. My passion for technology started young playing with the earliest home computers. I began my career specialising in embedded systems, and have led mobile development teams for major retailers. I started a mobile tech business in 2010 and following an acquisition by retail technology experts Red Ant, I have headed up several award winning initiatives, such as the Retail of Tomorrow project and the IBM Watson Mobile Developer Challenge. In this blog I will share my thoughts on the evolving role of the CTO, enterprise IT strategies, and topical technology stories affecting the industry.

    Retail tech predictions 2017 – the shape of things to come

    In 2017 we will see retailers move beyond experimenting with chatbots to virtual assistants playing a front-and-centre role.

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  • Alastair Mitchell

    IT Intelligence

    Alastair Mitchell

    Alastair Mitchell is president and cofounder of Huddle, his third internet start-up. Alastair began Huddle with Andy McLoughlin as he was frustrated by existing enterprise technology’s inability to help people work together. Alastair built the first global soft commodities marketplace. When the business got bought-out by one of its investors, Alastair moved to Dunnhumby, where he led its web-based marketing intelligence product from zero to $60 million sales within four years. When Dunnhumby was purchased by Tesco, Alastair started Huddle.

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    Getting the next generation of tech entrepreneurs up and running early

    A report out this week on the UK's digital future raises questions about the standard of technology and computing education in our schools.

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  • Alice Bentinck

    Can you do an Elon Musk?

    Musk has always been popular at Enterprise First. Two years ago we removed the question “who is the founder you most admire?” from our application form as 80 percent of responses cited Musk. Steve Jobs barely got a look in.

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  • Suranga Chandratillake

    How do VCs decide which tech companies to back?

    All VCs differ, but most engage in a four-step process of 'discovery, analysis, decision, deal' when choosing which companies to fund.

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  • Azita Esmaili

    Using data to power the future

    Azita Esmaili

    Azita is the chief technology officer at the UK government's Digital Catapult Centre. The Catapult aims to rapidly accelerate the UK's best digital ideas to market to create new products, services, jobs and value for the UK economy. It focuses on on data and metadata, otherwise known as the data value chain. This is how the Catapult describes the ways in which people and organisations create, collect, transport and analyse data.

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    Growth hacking: some practical tips on how to improve user growth

    Growth hacking is more than just a Silicon Valley buzzword. Done properly, it can hold the key to going from a startup to a rapidly scaling up business.

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  • Startups, investors & how to decide who owns what: 5 steps to master your cap table

    When accepting an investment, entrepreneurs must consider not only how far and how fast they can drive their business with the committed capital, but also how the capital structure of the company will look the day after. Ownership provides its founders with an inventive to push the company forward and ensure there isn’t a strong force pulling the company in another direction. Here are five steps to master your cap table.

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  • Glenn Shoosmith

    Retail Details: the omnichannel innovation blog

    Glenn Shoosmith

    After graduating in 1997 with a degree in computer science I spent 10 years working in a wide variety of industries, as a developer, consultant, team and project manager, including the pharmaceutical, television and financial industries. Eventually I decided to step out and create my own company, and in 2008 started to work on BookingBug I founded BookingBug with the not-so-simple objective of building a platform through which time could be treated as if it were a stock innovatory item. BookingBug is on it's way to achieving that goal, and although we started with small business clients, we quickly grew to supplying technology to global retails brands.

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    Technology takeover: embracing the human hybrid

    Whether you think it will make us redundant or empower us to become super-humans, here is a closer look at the relationship between man, machine and the technology takeover.

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  • Enterprise software giants splash millions on world’s biggest bands in a bid to look cool

    Marc Benioff's multibillion dollar corporation will become the fourth largest software company in the world next year.

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  • Matthew Finnegan

    Blockchain standards deal a step towards wider adoption of the bitcoin tech

    Barclays, RBS and JP Morgan are among those working together alongside startup R3

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  • Nick Halstead

    Innovation, intelligence and insights

    Nick Halstead

    Nick Halstead is the founder and CEO of DataSift Inc., the only company that provides technology that allows you to capture, analyse and act on all the types of human data without compromising consumer trust. Human data covers the entire spectrum of human-generated information, shared across social networks, blogs, news sites and inside the business. Over the past seven years, Nick has been a key visionary on the power of social data to revolutionise information delivery and pioneer in real-time cloud-based unstructured data processing. Nick also founded TweetMeme, the leading platform delivering social news, which invented the Retweet button and serves more than 30 billion clicks per month. In this blog, Nick will focus on the new era of social media analytics, balancing user privacy and the need for business’ to analyse trends and topics, the challenges faced by today's entrepreneurs and the state of the UK's tech industry.

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    You’ve failed – get over it and get on with it

    With London Technology Week a few months back and the tech community out in full force, I’ve been thinking back to when I was first building my own business eight years ago.

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  • Alex Stephany

    Sharing Economy Expert

    Alex Stephany

    JustPark CEO, Alex Stephany has an insider's view on what it takes to scale a sharing economy startup. Here, Alex will shares snippet from his new book, The Business of Sharing: the insider's guide to the sharing economy. It's a story that involves the founders and the funders - featuring interviews with the likes of the Airbnb and Zipcar founders and the Valley's top VC - the regulators and corporates dealing with these disruptions, and the users and workers on these fast-growing platforms.

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    The importance of raising venture capital

    "It is cheaper than ever to start a business. The downside of that is that anyone else can start one too. As a result you have to get big fast and to get big fast you have to raise.”

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  • Bertie Stephens

    Tech City Insider

    Bertie Stephens

    In this column, I'll be sharing my advice and tips on how to run a startup, how to raise capital, dealing with investors and some general do’s and don'ts as well as keeping you up to speed with Flubit, what we’re up to and other industry news.

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    How SMEs can turn big data into big results

    There's value to be had if businesses can capitalise on the information they hold.

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  • Will Moore

    Building Momentum

    Will Moore

    Faber Ventures is an early stage VC with offices in Lisbon and London, they operate a pan-European team with strong bridges between Iberia, the UK and Germany. Faber invests in mobility, SaaS and platforms and industries where network effects and digital distribution can bring impact. Acting as the missing piece, they provide a platform that combines resident tools, expertise, network and capital to help startups accelerate execution and grow into larger markets. Will is responsible for all marketing and communications at Faber Ventures ( and works with their portfolio to maximise go-to-market, user acquisition, conversion and retention strategies - delivered through both marketing and PR channels. Within this remit, Will writes startup stories, investment perspectives, tips and tricks around marketing and PR for startups, as well as direct advice scaling a startup within Europe.

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    Developing content to drive traffic, increase signups and build credibility

    How to maximise reach for the content you create with a limited marketing spend

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  • Accenture Technology Labs Staff

    Views from the Lab

    Accenture Technology Labs Staff

    Accenture Technology Labs, the technology research and development (R&D) organization within Accenture, has been turning technology innovation into business results for 20 years. Our R&D team explores new and emerging technologies to create a vision of how technology will shape the future and invent the next wave of cutting-edge business solutions.

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    Making Open Innovation a Success

    The Open Innovation model is one in which organizations utilize external technology, solutions and knowledge capital from others early in the innovation process in order to jointly develop new platforms and applications, enhance core offerings, or expand into new markets. It allows enterprises to look beyond their four walls to bring in ideas more quickly and frequently to enhance their operations—also saving time and money.

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  • Eric Van der Kleij

    Startups in Skyscrapers

    Eric Van der Kleij

    Level39 is a tech accelerator in London's Canary Wharf business district that aims to nurture and support early stage tech firms focusing on retail, fintech and smart cities.

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    The global tech talent battleground: How the UK can win

    We are starting to see serious competition for some of the best technical and business talent in the tech sector.

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  • Luther Knight

    Desk-free Europe

    Luther Knight

    I am a European Mobile Technology Specialist at IBM where I spend most of my time travelling the continent to consult on mobile strategies for management, applications, analytics and security whilst providing technical pre- and post- sale support for the mobile management products at IBM. In my free time I look after a small not-for-profit business, Digitally Maintained, which contributes to developing IT skills within the community and my aim at Techworld is to provide down-to-earth insight into how the mobile workforce is evolving, the industry challenges we face and how people from many industries are building their mobile workforce. Linkedin: Twitter: lutherldn

    I Spy...a naughty application

    If you’re considering a BYOD strategy, mobile security (as most of my meetings have been discussing) should be way up there on your priorities.

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  • Zarek Rahman


    Zarek Rahman

    "I’m an independent corporate and commercial solicitor. I specialise in advising on tech matters. You can find out much more about what I do at I love being involved with startups and disruptive tech and I handhold and advise founders from the early stages of an idea on business structures, legal viability and implementation of new products and services right the way through to raising funds and making exits. My blog aims to demystify some legal concepts and barriers which might scare people thinking of starting up in tech."

    Demystifying shareholder agreements - part 1

    Most technology startups comprise of groups of friends, couples or family members - the ‘founders' of the business. Founders can find it difficult to consider the legal implications of getting into business with those closest to them, and this can lead to problems once business picks up.

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  • Nick McKenna

    What Is Agile?

    An array of different Agile methods (I refuse to use the term methodology) exist and they are all different.

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  • James Olden

    Founder Diaries

    James Olden

    I am an ideas man; I manage my own, I invest in others. I have in the marketing and advertising industry for over 20 years. During this time I have provided creative direction, services and solutions for many well-known brands. I have also been actively involved in the launch, promotion, and on occasion funding, of both pre-revenue startups and early stage ventures. In this blog I will share insights from my experience as a problem solver working alongside business minds in a both creative and commercial capacity, and the inside story of some of my start-up investments.

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    The thing is with.... Wearables

    Reading Jason Calacanis’ post about the killer app for the Apple SmartWatch?—?I got quite excited?—?I’m a huge fan of reading Jason’s musings and his forthright blogs. But with this post, whilst I agreed entirely with everything he said in the lead up to, I couldn’t help but be feel disappointed by the “killer” app idea…

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  • David Murray-Hundley

    DMH - the techpreneur

    David Murray-Hundley

    Former LinkedIn European Business Leader of the Year, Tech world and Smarta Winner, David Murray-Hundley is a chairman, adviser and NED of a number of tech companies. This blog is about the tech world - according to David Murray-Hundley.

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    Mainstream buzzword of 2015 is…. Crowdfunding

    Ok, so it’s mid January but, since everyone’s still talking about it, it’s not too late to comment on the crowdfunding market for 2015. I still argue though that crowdfunding has been about forever, we just decided to re-term it.

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