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  • John E Dunn

    IBM denies massive job loss claim - then tumbles down a rabbit hole

    Saying nothing

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  • Jeremy Green


    Jeremy Green

    Writing on Connected Vehicles, other Connected Things, and the opportunities and challenges created by the data that they produce.

    Government scientific advisor switched on when it comes to IoT

    Here’s a game you can play. Imagine that you’ve got to make a speech, or a presentation, or outline a report, about how the government should respond to a new technology that you’ve never heard of; what makes the game fun is that you’ve only got five minutes to prepare, including all the research. For this round, we’ll call the new technology ‘vegetative telekinesis’, but you can use whatever name you want when you play at home.

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  • Hannah Blake

    Inside BBC Labs

    Hannah Blake

    BBC Worldwide, the commercial arm of the BBC, aims to innovate its business by working with startups. This blog examines the benefits and the pains of acting as a matchmaker between a large organisation and agile startups.

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    Time to reflect: Experimenting with startups in BBC Worldwide Labs

    Highlighting the key deals BBC Worldwide has made with startups on the latest BBC Labs programme and explaining how we’re looking to further expand the programme over the coming year.

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  • Dan Hartveld

    Talking Shop

    Dan Hartveld

    I am a CTO and retail technology specialist with 10 years of industry experience. My passion for technology started young playing with the earliest home computers. I began my career specialising in embedded systems, and have led mobile development teams for major retailers. I started a mobile tech business in 2010 and following an acquisition by retail technology experts Red Ant, I have headed up several award winning initiatives, such as the Retail of Tomorrow project and the IBM Watson Mobile Developer Challenge. In this blog I will share my thoughts on the evolving role of the CTO, enterprise IT strategies, and topical technology stories affecting the industry.

    Must-read tech stories of the week

    A round-up of the top stories to pique my interest over the last seven days

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  • Alastair Mitchell

    IT Intelligence

    Alastair Mitchell

    Alastair Mitchell is CEO and co-founder of Huddle, his third internet start-up. Alastair began Huddle with Andy McLoughlin as he was frustrated by existing enterprise technology’s inability to help people work together. Alastair built the first global soft commodities marketplace. When the business got bought-out by one of its investors, Alastair moved to Dunnhumby, where he led its web-based marketing intelligence product from zero to $60 million sales within four years. When Dunnhumby was purchased by Tesco, Alastair started Huddle.

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    The Box IPO and what it indicates for tech in 2015

    To IPO or not IPO is a question mulled by many tech entrepreneurs and, with Box making a huge splash with its debut on the New York Stock Exchange on Friday, the floodgates for tech IPOs in 2015 look set to open. Box’s IPO has been long-awaited since its S-1 filing back in March 2014. Whatever the reasons for the delay, the fact that its stock price soared 66 percent on its first day of trading is good news for the cloud collaboration market and the tech industry in general.

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  • Sam Shead

    US investors help London firms score a $1bn hattrick

    Huddle, Shazam and TransferWise have all seen their valuations rise to over a billion dollars but the UK now needs to go one step further.

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  • Zarek Rahman


    Zarek Rahman

    "I’m an independent corporate and commercial solicitor. I specialise in advising on tech matters. You can find out much more about what I do at I love being involved with startups and disruptive tech and I handhold and advise founders from the early stages of an idea on business structures, legal viability and implementation of new products and services right the way through to raising funds and making exits. My blog aims to demystify some legal concepts and barriers which might scare people thinking of starting up in tech."

    VAT: Will it see the demise of the digital economy?

    If you’re offering automated digital services to customers located in the EU, you need to be aware of a new EU rule which might have a big impact on you (yes, even if you’re outside the EU). This post focuses on the position for those in the UK whose sales are ‘supplied electronically’ - or in other words, are automated.

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  • David Murray-Hundley

    DMH - the techpreneur

    David Murray-Hundley

    Former LinkedIn European Business Leader of the Year, Tech world and Smarta Winner, David Murray-Hundley is a chairman, adviser and NED of a number of tech companies. This blog is about the tech world - according to David Murray-Hundley.

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    Mainstream buzzword of 2015 is…. Crowdfunding

    Ok, so it’s mid January but, since everyone’s still talking about it, it’s not too late to comment on the crowdfunding market for 2015. I still argue though that crowdfunding has been about forever, we just decided to re-term it.

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  • Luther Knight

    Desk-free Europe

    Luther Knight

    I am a European Mobile Technology Specialist at IBM where I spend most of my time travelling the continent to consult on mobile strategies for management, applications, analytics and security whilst providing technical pre- and post- sale support for the mobile management products at IBM. In my free time I look after a small not-for-profit business, Digitally Maintained, which contributes to developing IT skills within the community and my aim at Techworld is to provide down-to-earth insight into how the mobile workforce is evolving, the industry challenges we face and how people from many industries are building their mobile workforce. Linkedin: Twitter: lutherldn

    Is Microsoft eating up the BlackBerry pie?

    There are known downsides to Windows Phones, but is it still an improvement on what BlackBerry has to offer to enterprise customers?

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  • Industry Insight

    ISIS attacks US Centcom - hacktivism or a nation state?

    With this week's CENTCOM hack said to have been carried out by hacktivists what, precisely, is the difference between this kind of hacking and an attack by a nation or state-backed cyber army and does it matter?

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  • James Olden

    Founder Diaries

    James Olden

    I am an ideas man; I manage my own, I invest in others. I have in the marketing and advertising industry for over 20 years. During this time I have provided creative direction, services and solutions for many well-known brands. I have also been actively involved in the launch, promotion, and on occasion funding, of both pre-revenue startups and early stage ventures. In this blog I will share insights from my experience as a problem solver working alongside business minds in a both creative and commercial capacity, and the inside story of some of my start-up investments.

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    The Thing is with… Working 9 to 5

    No cavemen ever had that Monday morning feeling. The Egyptians didn’t have a lie in on a Sunday. As we know, it was only because Henry Ford decided that he wanted everyone to turn up on time that we got stuck in this monotonous cycle. As one great lady of the country said some 35 years ago… “Workin' 9 to 5, what a way to make a livin'”

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  • Accenture Technology Labs Staff

    Views from the Lab

    Accenture Technology Labs Staff

    Accenture Technology Labs, the technology research and development (R&D) organization within Accenture, has been turning technology innovation into business results for 20 years. Our R&D team explores new and emerging technologies to create a vision of how technology will shape the future and invent the next wave of cutting-edge business solutions.

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    Driving unconventional growth through the industrial internet of things

    The industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) spans a vast amount of different industries, from manufacturing, mining and agriculture, through to oil, gas, and utilities. It also encompasses companies that depend on durable physical goods to conduct business, and it is changing our world.

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