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John E. Dunn


John is one of the co-founders of Techworld, following a spell working for Tornado Insider, the European magazine for tech start-ups. He started in IT journalism as technical editor of Personal Computer Magazine, before progressing to become editor of Network World (formerly LAN Magazine) and Network Week before helping to set up Techworld Insider. He has also freelanced for a number of technical publications in the technology, science and business fields.

His Techworld blog is War on Error

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Mission impossible? Malwarebytes invents software that blocks zero-day attacks

US firm Malwarebytes has announced a security product it believes can do something that has eluded even the best-resourced security firms in the business – block all zero-day attacks known and unknown against popular Windows applications.


CryptoLocker ransom malware infected 2,000 users in Singapore

The US-led operation to de-claw the Gameover Zeus botnet has uncovered 2,000 users in Singapore infected by the CryptoLocker ransom Trojan, authorities in the country have said.


Apple products boom in the enterprise despite lack of management tools

Apple’s success in the enterprise market is still being held back by the perception that the platform is difficult to manage, a survey of US businesses by Apple specialist JAMF Software has found.


Cybercrime costs $445 billion a year but that might be the least of it

In a world where governments ape the behaviour of cybercriminals, costs estimates risk missing the point. Cybercrime cost the global economy a staggering-sounding $445 billion in economic losses in 2013, a McAfee-sponsored report from the Center...


Boom in web comment spam driven by hardcore of abusers, says Imperva

The boom in comment spam is controlled by a small hardcore of abusers that have hit on a way to game Google’s search algorithms in order to spread advertising and malware, according to a new report from security firm Imperva.


Police department defiant despite crippling CryptoWall ransom attack

Another US police department has had its computer systems brought to their knees by a ransom Trojan, but this one has made it clear that it has no plans to pay the criminals to get lost files back.


Celebrity email hacker extraordinaire 'Guccifer' gets four years behind bars

By day he was a small-town cab driver, by night a man who hacked celebrities out of satirical spite; celebrity hacker ‘Guccifer’ has been sentenced to a minimum of four years in jail by a Romanian court.


CryptoLocker ransomware infections collapse after Gameover takedown, researchers estimate

This week’s global police assault on the vast P2P Gameover Zeus botnet has left the distribution system for the Cryptolocker ransom malware floundering, according to two Danish security firms that have been monitoring new infections.


Researchers spot first ever Android ransom attack that ENCRYPTS data files

Researchers working for security firm ESET have discovered the first ever malware capable of encrypting data files on an Android smartphone as part of a full-blown 'Cryptolocker-style' ransom attack.


Middle-Eastern 'Molerats' hackers return to take bite out of the BBC

The burrowing Middle-Eastern ‘Molerats’ hackers have been at it again. First spotted last year, security firm FireEye has recently noticed a widening target list taking in financial firms, a clutch of governments and even the BBC.


Gameover Zeus - the sudden unmasking of cybercrime's most wanted

The age of criminal impunity might finally be coming to an end Discount yesterday’s dramatic disruption of the Gameover Zeus botnet and CryptoLocker ransom malware, the real story is that the FBI has decided to name the Russian man, Evgeniy...


Operation Tovar disconnects Gameover Zeus and CryptoLocker malware - but only for two weeks

Global police forces have collaborated to temporarily disrupt the world’s most successful botnet, Gameover Zeus (aka P2PZeus or GoZeus), giving hundreds of thousands of victims a brief window in which they can more easily extricate themselves from its clutches.


NSA building global identity database from intercepted images, new Snowden documents reveal

The NSA is processing millions of facial images from intercepted communications as part of a program to build a global identity database of persons of interest, documents from the Edward Snowden cache seen by the New York Times have revealed.


Data breaches aren't about credit cards or passwords. What is at risk here are people's identities

Target, eBay and now Office. Why don't more sites use public key encryption systems like OneID? “Unfortunately we have been the subject of a security breach resulting in unauthorised access to your account,” read the...


Fear and confusion as iconic TrueCrypt security tool tells world to use BitLocker

Something decidedly odd has befallen the hugely popular and iconic TrueCrypt encryption utility used by security-aware users the world over to encrypt data with the plausible certainty that even the NSA geeks with pocket protectors won’t be able to break it.


US healthcare and pharmaceutical firms given lower security rating in new analysis

Cybersecurity among the largest US health and pharmaceutical organisations has fallen behind sectors such as finance, utilities and even retail, an analysis of S&P 500 firms has found.


Google calls time on third-party Chrome extensions to turn security screw

Google Chrome users on Windows can now only install browser extensions through the Web Store, the search giant has announced, fulfilling a long-standing promise to tighten security.


CryptoDefense ransom malware using Java drive-by exploit to boost infection rate

The gang behind the CryptoDefense ransom malware has been distributing it using a simple Java drive-by attack as a way of boosting the number of victims, security firm Bromium has confirmed after analysing a version that appeared in March.


Apple users hit by $100 ransom demand after mystery iCloud account breach

Apple iPhone, iPad and Mac users in Australia and New Zealand are being pestered by mysterious ransom messages demanding up to $100 in order to 'unlock' their devices. A hack of some iCloud user accounts is suspected.


Avast pulls support forum after hackers pwn 400,000 user accounts

Anti-virus firm Avast Software has taken its user support forum offline after hackers broke into the system at the weekend and compromised around 400,000 of its registered users.


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