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John E. Dunn


John is one of the co-founders of Techworld, following a spell working for Tornado Insider, the European magazine for tech start-ups. He started in IT journalism as technical editor of Personal Computer Magazine, before progressing to become editor of Network World (formerly LAN Magazine) and Network Week before helping to set up Techworld Insider. He has also freelanced for a number of technical publications in the technology, science and business fields.

His Techworld blog is War on Error

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Apple Pay's security is impressive - but that won't stop the hackers trying

The world turned up to Apple’s launch event this week for news of the new iPhone 6, but CEO Tim Cook ended up showing them something that could turn out to be more important than another smartphone. “Payments are broken,” he said announcing the broad details of Apple Pay, the firm’s entry into the world of contactless payments.


UK users receive most phishing spam, email analysis suggests

Research by security firm Proofpoint has discovered something unexpected about the flood of spam sent to users in the UK – more of these emails seem to contain malicious links than for other countries.


Enemies no more, McAfee and Symantec agree to SHARE threat data

The recently-launched Cyber Threat Alliance has been given a big boost with the news that Intel's McAfee division and former arch-enemy Symantec are to join the industry group whose mission is to create the first significant cross-vendor movement of threat data.


Blackphone SSL security flaw was patched within days, says CEO

Researchers checking out the $629 (£390) Blackphone ultra-secure Android smartphone recently found a potentially significant vulnerability that could have allowed an attacker to carry out a man-in-the-middle (MitM) to sniff the login credentials for the device’s Silent Circle apps.


DDoS attack victims need to involve police, says Verisign CSO

With DDoS reflection attacks growing into mammoth events with unforeseen consequences, mitigation firm Verisign believes a radical new approach is needed to head off a pile of trouble – go after the “guys behind the keyboards.”


Home Depot BlackPOS attack driven by criminal cyberwarfare

A new variant of the BlackPOS malware reportedly used to infect Home Depot cash tills is connected to a Russian group that left evidence of its strong anti-American world view buried inside the code, security blogger Brian Krebs has discovered.


CryptoLocker took heavy toll on UK users, decryption figures show

Dutch security firm Fox-It has received 546 requests to decrypt files from UK-based victims of the CryptoLocker ransom Trojan since it launched a free unlock service last month, the highest proportion from any country.


Phishing emails fool most employees. But is this their problem or email's?

More than a decade after phishing attacks became the standard way of getting around corporate defences, all but a tiny minority of employees still fall for this kind of email, a McAfee test of UK-based workers has found.


Linux servers turned into bots by 'IptabLes' and 'IptabLex' malware

A botnet that infects and exploits poorly-maintained Linux servers has been used to launch a spate of large DDoS attacks targeting DNS and other infrastructure, Akamai’s Prolexic division has warned.


AVG splashes $220 million on mobile services firm Location Labs

Security firm AVG has decided to splash $220 million (£135 million) on up-and-coming California-based mobile services firm Location Labs, the largest acquisition ever made by the European firm.


Apple iCloud backup quirk could have allowed hackers to access 'deleted' files

The hackers who broke into iCloud accounts could have accessed revealing images and data users believed had been deleted weeks or even months in the past, an eagle-eyed Check Point Software researcher has suggested.


'Harkonnen' espionage Trojan stole data from 300 European SMBs

Hundreds of UK-registered companies were used for more than a decade as fronts for a huge data-stealing cyber-espionage campaign that targeted 300 SMBs in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, Israeli security startup Cybertinel has claimed.


North Korea using foreign bases to launch cyberattacks, says HP

The Democratic People's Republic of North Korea (DPRK) is a country with almost no conventional Internet presence and yet it has among the most active cyberwarfare footprints of any nation on earth and appears obsessed with expanding its operations, HP has concluded after reviewing evidence from a range of third-party sources.


Allocacoc PowerCube - the humble powerstrip reinvented

Is it possible to review a simple power strip? Until we came across the marketing pitch for the Dutch-designed PowerCube family of products we’d have said not but the company behind, Allocacoc, it claims to have taken an everyday object nobody thinks twice about and improved it in subtle ways without dramatically increasing the price.


CryptoWall ransom Trojan has infected 625,000 systems, says Dell SecureWorks

Is ransom malware business on the wane at last? New figures from Dell SecureWorks suggest that the current market leader, CryptoWall, hasn’t been as profitable as the infamous CryptoLocker despite infecting more PCs and holding hostage a staggering 5.25 billion files.


Java, Flash and Reader still PC admins' biggest security headaches

Most admins already know that Java and Adobe’s Flash and Reader are the most vulnerable pieces of software on the average Windows PC. A new analysis from Heimdal Security suggests that while 2014 has been better than last year vendors and customers remains pretty snowed under by the number of vulnerabilities in these programs.


IEEE Center for Secure Design wants tech industry to stop 'doing dumb stuff'

Software is riddled with ‘dumb’ design flaws that undermine security and the IEEE and a clutch of big tech firms including Google, Twitter, HP, Intel and several universities have to decided launch a new organisation to do something about it.


Hackers summon 'CDRDos' attack against Australian data centre using supertool

On 2 August, apparently for the first time ever, a hacking group coordinated a number of different reflection-style DDoS attacks against a single data centre, the mitigation firm involved, NSFOCUS, has confirmed.


Carbon Grabber campaign hunts for automotive industry logins

Europe’s automotive supply chain is being targeted by a malware campaign connected to the increasingly popular Carbon Grabber crimeware kit, researchers at Symantec have warned.


NSA and GCHQ moles feeding Tor Project with bug reports, claims executive director

The wizards of Tor are being fed bug reports by anonymous sources inside the agencies normally seen as trying to break its security, the NSA and GCHQ, the Project’s executive director Andrew Lewman has claimed in a BBC interview.


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