Answer these questions carefully (since denial is the first sign): Do you find yourself dreaming about status updates and friend requests? Does your TwitPic account chronicle your trips to the grocery store and cleaners?

Are you addicted to social media?

A new study from Retrevo Gadgetology suggests that more people are becoming obsessed with their online social circles.

Consider these stats from the survey:

  • 48% of people check/update Facebook and/or Twitter after they go to bed.
  • 55% of people over 25 have to check in on Facebook at least once a day.
  • 49% of people under 25 years old can be interrupted by an electronic message during a meal. (27% for people over 25 years of age).

Still undecided if you're addicted? Here are a 10 additional signs that show you might have a problem (courtesy of me):

1. You speak in sentences of precisely 140 characters or less.

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